Meet: Carmen Cotto-Rivera – Realtor

Buying or selling a property in NJ is a big decision, which is why it’s more important than ever that you choose the right real estate professional to be on your side. I’d love to work with you! Learn more about me and why I do what I do.

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Carmen Cotto-Rivera, your Burlington County Realtor
Carmen Cotto-Rivera, Burlington County Realtor

Carmen Cotto-Rivera – Realtor Works Hard + Loves Burlington County, NJ Community

Burlington County is an amazing area and I’m proud to call it home. Because I love living and working here in Burlington County, NJ, so much, it makes it easy to help local families and investors buy and sell local properties.

Knowing the local Burlington County, NJ real estate market like the back of my hand should be a given for any real estate professional you consider working with. Market knowledge can be the difference between you overpaying or getting a great deal, finding the right property or missing it, and buying a property fully informed or missing critical things during inspection that can cost you.

But where I take it farther is my focus on you having an amazing buying or selling experience so you can focus on living life.

Let me worry about the details.

If you want to chat real estate or even just connect for a quick coffee, reach out to me anytime!

– Carmen Cotto-Rivera, Realtor

Ready to Work With Me? Great!
Give Me A Call At 201-835-5650 or On My Contact Page

My story

 As an army brat, I was always an inquisitive child and vividly remember our real estate agents showing houses to my parents when they decided to transition into civilian life, leaving the military base quarters.  I saw how successful and well connected to the community these agents were and left quite an impression on me.  Fast forward to my college years, I went to school in a town that was undergoing an incredible transformation around me.  I even worked one weekend showing the model rentals and condominiums for a local developer.  That’s where I got the “real estate bug”.

After graduation, I pursued a career within my field of study – civil engineering – construction management.   I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit, but did not know how to pursue it, since no one I knew had it.  Time went on and I finally decided to dabble in real estate part-time to see what would happen.  Even during the real estate licensing class, I knew that was it!  I loved it!    I began my real estate part-time, learning, growing and hustling in Hudson County – Jersey City.  That market is very diverse and am so glad I “cut my teeth” there! 

Today, over 15 years later, I’m now in South Jersey, where I grew up and love being a real estate agent – helping my friends, family and all the new people I have met and reacquainted with.  It has been an incredible journey, witnessing first-hand the real estate boom, the bust and now the pandemic crises!  Throughout all this, people still need to buy, and people still need to sell, people still need to invest, and I am still around to help them!  Yey me!! 

My mission:

To bring myself to others by serving and helping them reach their goals

My Values:

1.  to serve and not just sell

2.  to be a visionary

3.  to always be learning

4.  to give to others

5.  to enjoy and share my successes with others

My Credentials

  • Bachelor of Engineering, with a concentration in Civil Engineering – B.E.
  • American School of Business – real estate licensing class
  • Coldwell Banker University – Fast Start Program
  • ePro (Technology Designation)
  • PSA (Pricing Strategies Advisor)
  • CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert)
  • CIAS (Certified Investor Agent Specialist)
  • CNS (Certified Negotiation Expert)
  • Distressed Asset Disposition Certification – Five Star Academy
  • Fluent in Spanish

Foreclosure / Short Sale certified with:

  • Xome (Mr.Cooper)
  • Bank of America
  • Chase Bank
  • Equator
  • Carrington Mortgage Services

Breaking News!! My brokerage, Vylla Home, has partnered up with Redfin!! I am now a partner agent!!

Screenshot of my new Redfin site!

Partner with the following referral companies:

  • Op-City
  • Vylla Concierge
  • Xome Pro – retail agent
  • Redfin (new)

Why I Work At Vylla Home

Why I work at my brokerage, Vylla Home!
Here is a short video why I work at Vylla Home

My First Client – An Adventurous Experience! 🙂

Here is a short video on how I helped my first client! It was quite hilarious yet it shows how much I helped my client. This is how I can help all my clients – check it out!! 🙂
My First Client - An adventurous experience!    5 28 20
Here is Carmen Cotto-Rivera – Realtor – helped her first client
Video Transcription

Hey! Wanna have an exciting, roller coaster, adventure-type experience? I’ve been in real estate for over 15 years, and I always remembered how I helped my first client, “Mer”, buy her first home. This is a quick video I made, to show how I helped her, and how I can help you or anyone else that you may introduce me to. Hi, this is Carmen Cotto-Rivera, Realtor at Vylla Home, in south Jersey.

I helped “Mer” buy her first house many years ago. She became my first client when I was still in training at the Real Estate University, the school that was being provided by my broker at that time. The real estate market was very hot and starting to boil in Jersey City, and the year was 2004. Because there was so much competition between buyers, it seemed a listing would sell as soon as it hit the market, and this became very challenging.

As time went on, I gained experience, working with other buyers and closed a few transactions. While still showing her probably close to 100 listings! Let’s just say it was a character and faith-building period for both of us. We crawled through windows, we had animated discussions with tenants that would not let us in, after we made appointment and we got confirmation. Keys did not work, submitted offers to find out the property had already sold. I even got into a minor fender bender on my way to show her one of those listings. After two years had passed, lo and behold, I showed her the perfect condo. Great price, great location, let’s just say it fit her like a glove. Since then, “Mer” made a career change, and was accepted into a school that just so happens to be right across the street from her first home, and is now thriving in her new occupation.

Coincidence? I think not! Hey, do you know anyone I can help buy or sell their home and embark on this adventurous journey? Hold on, it can be an emotional experience. This is Carmen Cotto-Rivera, Realtor at Vylla Home in south Jersey.

“Love where you live, and live where you love”