Quick Tips for First -Time Home Sellers

Quick Tips   First-Time Sellers  - Part 1
Video Transcription

“I need to sell my house and I don’t know what to do,” is what I hear from my First-Time Home Sellers.

Hi, this is Carmen Cotto-Rivera Realtor at Vylla Home in South Jersey. We hear a lot about first time home buyers, but what about First-Time Home Sellers? Here’s some tips to help sellers get started.

Number 1:   once you decide that you want or need to sell your house, contact your Realtor it’s good that you bring them in early to help you.

Number 2:  when your Realtor comes over, show them your house like you would show it to a prospective buyer, is what I tell my sellers. That way your Realtor can see all the features of the house and give you tips and advice on what to do to make it show ready.

Number 3:   your Realtor will prepare a CMA or comparative market analysis.  This determines the approximate current value of your house based on recent sale.  This is an apples to apples comparison of similar properties in your neighborhood, using mathematics and pricing formulas.

Number 4:  once a CMA is done, you review it with your Realtor to determine the listing price of the house. Then your Realtor will show their marketing strategy to get you the most money for your house in the shortest amount of time. Keep in mind if it’s already been a few months since the initial CMA, a new one should be done. An updated one should be done after all your repairs and upgrades and updates have been done on your house.

Number 5:  once a listing price is determined, then your house goes on the market. Yay!

Now what about showing the appointments and offers that’s all for the next video in my First-Time Home Sellers video series and this is Carmen Cotto-Rivera Realtor at Vylla Home in South Jersey. “Love where you live and live where you love”.

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